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What is BKLVLUP?

Brooklyn Level Up (“BKLVLUP”) is a community development corporation and community land trust. We strengthen relationships, share knowledge, and clear obstacles, so that long-time residents of Flatbush, East Flatbush, and Flatlands can drive economic development that builds wealth in the community. Our goal is for homes, businesses, and community spaces to belong to the people who use them.


who are our people

Who are our people?

BKLVLUP is a small but mighty group, growing every day. We partner with the neighbors, entrepreneurs, community organizations, local leaders, and elected officials who have a personal stake in the health of the block, to build grassroots wealth and power. We’re tied into a network of community builders, including the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development and NYC Community Land Initiative.

Why does it matter?

When developers’ profits come before the needs of local residents, resident-owned homes are replaced by unaffordable luxury apartment complexes, locally-owned businesses give way to chains, and vital community spaces disappear. BKLVLUP is putting local residents back in charge of their community’s future.

Meet Our Board Members

BKLVLUP’s Board is made up of community leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about putting assets and power into the hands of East Flatbush, Flatbush, and Flatlands neighbors.

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